At Cafesco for three generations we have specialized in growing high quality 100% arabic coffee, we roast at origin Concordia – Antioquia – Colombia.

And the story begins like this, our grandparents in the 50’s started with a small plantation of coffee trees, which with years of work and dedication grew and passed from generation to generation not only coffee but also knowledge about it. tradition and love for this wonderful fruit.
Those years of work and dedication literally paid off.

In 2013 we decided to create Cafesco as a brand of roasted coffee at Origin with the illusion of bringing the best of our coffee directly to the final consumer.
Our beginnings as a roaster were with more attitude and desire than real knowledge in the roasted coffee market, during the first month we sold only 20 pounds to our family and friends. Despite how little we were able to sell and aware of the number of barriers and all the work that we had ahead of us in terms of market demands, economic, technical, equipment and knowledge requirements among many other aspects that we had to manage and improve. , the love for coffee, discipline and commitment to our coffee growers led us to work hard.

Since then we have not stopped continuously improving or growing as people, as a company and as a coffee family. And this is how we have achieved the position we have today in the local and global market. And those that we lack because we are convinced that the whole world deserves the best coffee, the coffee of origin, the coffee from Concordia, CAFESCO. So this story will continue …….



Concordia is a municipality where culture and economy revolve around coffee, that is why we carry coffee in our DNA, at 2,000 m.a.s.l. and with a T° 20 C°, we have a perfect and privileged combination of soils, climate and topography that meet the ideal conditions to grow high quality coffee. 


For three generations have grown coffee of the highest quality. Because we know, because we know and because we feel our coffee, we combine Tradition + Technology + Knowledge, to generate relationships of trust guaranteeing Quality, traceability and consistency and, most importantly, we offer a unique sensory experience of aroma and flavor.


The coffee is harvested manually, selecting only the best and most mature beans, then we do controlled fermentations of at least 60 hours to develop aroma and flavor precursors and obtain more aromatic coffees, once it reaches its optimum fermentation point. , we wash and dry in the sun in this process the fermentations continue and we ensure the viability of the embryo, taking care of every detail to have the best raw material to roast

café cereza 3

We Toast At Origin
The roasting process allows us to honor the efforts of the coffee growers who harvest our coffee.
We roast small bumps only 5 kilos, we make roasting curves designed to get the most potential out of each coffee.
We manually control the process minute by minute, taking care of every detail, coffee is how people are all different and require special attention and knowledge to develop differentiated profiles according to the requirements and preferences of each of our customers.


We work for a direct and fair trade with the coffee grower so that they receive the real value of their coffee, the satisfaction of knowing that their work is valued and recognized and we motivate new generations to become interested in the world of coffee and see it as a opportunity for personal and professional growth guaranteeing sustainability.
Additionally, for Cafesco gender equality is a premise, even today the coffee culture is a fairly macho union, which is why we generate employment for women in our plant and help them strengthen not only their technical capacities but also their development. personal and improving your family environment.


We take our products all over the world. We export via currier with logistics processes that allow us to deliver to the destination in an agile, safe way and with the best cost structure